Ego Documents

A symposium titled “Ottoman Ego Documents” will be held in 2021, with the collaboration of Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Center for the Study of Ego Documents of Istanbul Medeniyet University. In the symposium, it is aimed at making an inventory of the existing material. The symposium will be both in English and Turkish. The texts belonging to pre-Tanzimat period are particularly advised to present. The primary sources used in the presentations can be in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Persian or any other languages spoken/written in Ottoman territories. The main focus, on the other hand, would be on the texts written in Ottoman Turkish.

Our expectation from the potential participants of the symposium is to apply with the abstracts focusing on the sources like diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and scholarly CVs that can undoubtedly be evaluated as self-narratives and not allowing the concept to as enlarge as rendering it meaningless.

Allocated time for presentations is 20 minute plus a 10-minute discussion afterwards. You may send your CVs to our contact e-mail with abstracts of 250 words in Turkish and 250 words in English. Below the abstracts there should be 3-5 keywords and 2-5 references.   

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